This is the first tutorial in a long journey called “Ethical Hacking using KALI LINUX” and in this tutorial I am going to show you guys how to crack a password protected ZIP file in Kali Linux. We are cracking zip file as this is the simplest thing we can start with. Also I am going to keep simple passwords do it doesn’t take much time to crack.

So Let’s start the process to crack zip file. Here I am going to create a password protected file and than zip it. I will keep the password very simple at first.

Here I am using password “hello”.


In order to crack the zip password I am going to use ‘fcrackzip’ to crack the password. So let’s begin by taking a look at the usage of fcrackzip. To do so use command fcrackzip –help

I am going to use brute-force attack here. Let’s see the process now. I will explain everything that will be used in the process.

Use the command fcrackzip -b -c a -l 1-5 -u 

Here -b is for brute force attack

-c is for charset i.e characters, I think the password contains. As the password is ‘hello’ so ‘a’ indicated lowercase alphabets.

-l is the length of password. I guess it may be 1 to 5 characters long.

-u is to use unzip to try every password it come up with.

and at last I have the file, which we need to crack password of. Enter and wait for it to crack the password for you

There you go we got the password. Let’s try to use number password now. I will use ‘12346’ as the password.

The whole process will remain same except charset will be numbers now so ‘1’ will be used instead of ‘a’. Let’s try this

There you go we got the password. As this password is very simple, it hardly took anytime to crack it.

This is it for this tutorial guys. I will post another tutorial in which I will show you cracking with mixed charsets like alphanumeric and also with dictionary attack.


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