Measure Frequency in lpc2148


Today I am going to discuss ‘how to measure input frequency using LPC2148. This is helpful in case when u don’t have an oscilloscope and still want to measure frequency.

The process is very straight forward, you have to measure the number of times input pin goes high and low in 1 second. This measure will give you the frequency.



1.) Set a pin as input and make sure you connect a pull-up register to it. Pull-up is necessary otherwise pin will not go to high state.

2.) Give  in the frequency input to the pin and display the frequency on the serial terminal via UART.


Some Insight into the Code:

IODIR1 |= (1<<18);    // will select the Port1.18 as input

while (1)
    if (!(IOPIN1&(1<<18)))    // if the pin is low
         while (!(IOPIN1&(1<<18)))    // wait until the pin is low
    else if (IOPIN1&(1<<18))    // if the pin is high 
         while (IOPIN1&(1<<18))    // wait until the pin is high 

     counter++;    // increment the counter by 1
     freq = increment/2;
     counter = 0;


#include <lpc214x.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include "pll.h"
#include "timer0.h"
#include "uart0.h"
#include <stdio.h>

static uint32_t increment = 0;
uint32_t  time, freq;
char converted[6];
int main ()
 PINSEL1 = 0;
 IODIR0|= (0<<18);    // set P0.18 as input
 pll_init ();    // initialsise pll clocks
 VPBDIV = 0x00;    // set pclk = 15 MHz
 timer0_init (15000000);    // initialize timer with 1 sec base 
 Uart0_init ();    // initialize uart
 while (1)
  T0TC=0;    // set 0 to TC counter
  T0TCR=(1<<1);    //reset timer
         T0TCR=(1<<0);    // enable timer 
  while (T0TC<1)     // while loop for a delay of 1 second
  if (!(IOPIN0&(1<<18)))    // if the pin is low
   while(!(IOPIN0&(1<<18)));    // wait until the pin is low
  else if ((IOPIN0&(1<<18)))     // if the pin is high
   while (IOPIN0&(1<<18));     // wait until the pin is high
   increment++;    // increment the counter
  freq = increment/2;
  increment = 0;

   sprintf (converted, "%u", freq);
  Uart0_Tx_string (converted);     // send via UART
  Uart0_Tx_string (" Hz   n");
  while (*converted)
   int i =0;
   converted[i++] = 0;


Input Frequency of 50 Hz is provided and this is being measured and displayed on serial monitor



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download the CODE below

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