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Error Pinging with TouchGFX developed project over LwIP

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Hello Friends,

 i am using STM32F7508-DK for the project.

I followed the Lwip with FreeRTOS tutorial and get it working with STM32 cubeide.  but as i am in need to use GUI for the project  i am developing the GUI from touchGFX and then later initializing the LwIP from cubemx, as following the updsever tutorial (7) . but this doesn't seems to work for me. When i tired to ping to the static Ip i dont get any response at all.

I am not sure if their  isany problems in hardware while setting up the configuration or it it due to Memory management as the tool itself generates the memory management and it is similar to what is mentioned in the video.

i am in urgent need to solve this issue as i am stuck here from many days. i did some research before posting here. but i couldn't find any solution  that would solve my issue.

please could you make a video or provide me necessary guidance solve the issue.


with regards

Lakshminarayana KS


Posted : 01/08/2022 7:56 pm

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